Monday, October 17, 2016

Florence: My Weekday Mornings

Walk with me, home from the kid dropoff at I Scolopi, down Via Venezia and Via Di Giusti.

 Convento. Le Suore di San Filippo Neri

A vacation house next door for nuns. Because even nuns get vacations in Firenze. 
God bless.

 A lovely edifice.
 What is this place? I don't know, but am feeling mighty nosy about now.

This is the most cleaned up I have been since we arrived this time in Firenze 
so I thought I'd celebrate with a selfie. We're going to a private reception this evening 
in the Botticelli Room of the Galleria Uffizi!

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  1. Do the Nuns have a Union that gets then the vacation time? you look great glad your having a good time. Hopefully we will visit in the spring. Bill and Candace